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Environment-friendly Glue Removing Solution

CZ826 Environment-friendly Glue Removing Solution

Product introduction: CZ826/CZ826H are environment-friendly glue removing solutions used for wafer level packaging, CZ826 are mainly used for glue

removing treatment before and after wafer plating.

Product features:

1. Environment-friendly solvents impose no health hazard to human and environment with extremely low VOCs(volatile organic compounds) content in the air.

2. High boiling point raw materials with close to zero vaporization of the effective ingredients. Stable concentration and lowered cost.

3. No irritating odor, and easy to operate.

4. Completely dissolve the film instead of stripping, resulting no residues that could clog the nozzles.

5. Water soluble and easy to clean.

6. Compatible with PE, PVC, PP, stainless steel, Teflon equipment and packing barrel.

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